summer is here again at last

 Well summer looks like its here again at last and my time out on the sup has increased from a few hours per month to a few sessions per week again. It’s easy to forget how enjoyable it is to be out on the water paddling like a lunatic for a few hours. Aberdeenshire has a great variety of spots as well from nice surf breaks to flat water on rivers, estuaries or lagoons so whatever your passion is on the sup we have it all. It also makes a change to be able to go out without a full wetsuit when flat water paddling without overheating when the temperature is in the double figures. Anyway here’s a few photos from last weekend where a few newcomers to the sport were having a go. 


Best SUP session of the year so far

With the heat wave this week and pretty much zero wind it was an ideal time to spend a few hours a day out on the sup.. The first day was spent out in the sea at cruden bay in conditions that were above my skill level. Three foot surf, sometimes higher were not pleasant for me – Wullie managed to cope with it well on his kayak but it was way too much for me so we headed for calmer water. The following day was a flat water session for me then on Thursday carol and myself spent the whole afternoon on the beach out in very small but fun waves. The nsp 11ft sup is a real wave catching machine. Even waves smaller than one foot are rideable and two foot waves have you heading for the shore like a torpedo. I’d managed to catch waves these size a couple of months ago but this was carols first shot at wave riding standing up on the board and to be honest she put me to shame a few times catching some butes and I’m pretty sure she got the longest ride of the afternoon. For two people that have never surfed in our lives and especially for carol who has only been on the sup a few times I’d say we did pretty well. We’re both now hungry for slightly bigger waves (3ft which should be pretty f***ing epic for us)





Peterhead Marina





Here’s the blog of Dave kalama – well worth a look if you’re interested in sup :)

Second session of the week

Well it’s looking like I’m becoming more and more of a sup addict these days. I used to hate no wind days when the weather is decent but not any more. No wind and no incoming swell at the bay means perfect conditions for a sup beginner like me :) two three +hr sessions in two days have left me feeling absolutely shattered but I feel good for it. Arms, legs, back and abs all feel like they’ve done plenty work so it’s all good. Here’s hoping the weekend is nice enough to get out on the water again.

Sometimes it’s good to be a beginner

With the wind being a bit marginal recently on my days off work I’ve had is few sessions on the SUP instead of being out kiting. I’m still pretty much a beginner at this and can’t only really do flat water paddling with any resemblance of skill, as soon as I get into the sea (event on flat days) I’m pretty much useless. It’s great fun all the same though and it means that even the simplest of manoeuvres is a challenge. While put on the river yesterday I was spending as much time thinking about things in general as I was on improving my paddling technique and ended up thinking a lot about how great it is still being relatively new to the art of standup paddleboarding. For someone more experienced the river here maybe wouldn’t be much of a challenge but for me it’s always a learning experience. It’s great feeling how the board handles differently when you change your stance slightly and when you change paddle technique slightly. The conditions in the river change throughout the different water levels and because of the obstacles in the water (bridge supports, tank stoppers, moored boats) at different water levels these obstacles change the most obvious being the bridge at high tide, ducking is definitely required once the water rises a good bit. What I’m trying to say really is that being a beginner doesn’t always mean that something isn’t enjoyable, sometimes it’s more fun because everything is a challenge and there’s always a bit of excitement when faced with a challenge.


Summer is almost here again

Summer is almost here again with the noticeably longer hours of daylight and warmer days becoming more frequent already. So far this year it’ hasn’t been the greatest for kiting in the bay – most of the decent days so far I’ve been stuck at work and on the days I’ve been off its either been pissing down or the weathers been generally pretty wild. Here’s hoping that we start to get more frequent good days though. One thing I’m looking forward to this year is getting to grips with the SUP and spending more time in the sea instead of rivers and lagoons.


November sessions

Who’d have thought that some of the best sessions would be in late November this year the summer has been pretty dire for kiting really, either way too much wind or barely enough The past three days have been perfect for all kite sports in Cruden Bay and has been a reminder as to what kiting is all about. Good times.




Loch Ness challenge 2012

Over the past few months after getting to grips with the paddleboard I thought it might be a good idea to set myself a challenge for next year. I’ve decided to spend a day (or two) paddling from Fort Augustus to Inverness on the SUP. I know a few people that are keen to do it on kayaks as well so hopefully it’ll be a great wee trip. If anyone fancies taking part give me a shout.


Session tomorrow @ Cruden bay beach

The forecast is looking good for a session tomorrow evening at Cruden bay. 15mph wind and a bit of sunshine. I’ll have small kites with me for anyone that wants to try out a bit of kiting for the first time and there’ll be a BBQ as well (bring your own food and beer).

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